Chinese and Korean medicine

Chinese and Korean medicine has existed for over 2,000 years, and continues to be used today in both countries alongside modern medical treatments.

Since the 1970s Chinese/Korean medicine has spread across the Western world, bringing with it a philosophy, logic and treatment methodology very different from Western medicine.

Chinese/Korean medicine is based on the idea that no single part can be understood except in relation to the whole. Whereas in Western medicine, a particular symptom will be identified and traced back to a specific cause, in Chinese/Korean medicine a symptom is looked at as part of the bigger picture of a patient’s health.

If a person has a complaint or symptom, Chinese/Korean medicine wants to know how the symptom fits into the patient’s entire being and behaviour to identify what’s wrong.

As examples, a practitioner might find significance in the following:

  • > Diet
  • > Lifestyle (Sleeping Patterns, Exercise Taken, Alcohol Intake etc.)
  • > Demeanour
  • > Mood
  • > Facial Complexion
  • > Pulse
  • > Colour of Tongue
  • > Quality of Voice
  • > Posture
  • > Constitution
  • > Psychological Well-Being

As the pieces are put together, the symptom or complaint can be understood within an overall pattern. The skilled practitioner can then prescribe the right treatment or combination of treatments to restore a healthy balance.

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