About Hong Kim

Hong is the practitioner at the Tit Da Manchester clinic. Hong’s understanding of traditional medicine is rooted in his upbringing in Korea, where traditional medical practices are still widely used.

Both Korean and Chinese traditional medicine draw on the same principles to understand the body and the treatment of illness and injury.

In 2001 Hong moved to Manchester and became a student of Master Chu. Master Chu is a Chinese medical practitioner with a lifetime’s experience of Tit Da, herbal medicine, Qi Gong and martial arts.

In 2006 Hong completed his BSc. in Alternative Medicine (Acupuncture and Body Massage) at Salford University.

After honing his skills under Master Chu’s guidance, Hong established the Tit Da Manchester clinic in 2011 at the Kagyu Ling Buddhist Centre in Chorlton.

Hong is a registered practitioner with the Acupuncture Society of Great Britain and continues to study under Master Chu.


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